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Social Dances


 Make a note... Next evening dance will be April 12 - Doors open at 8:15pm, $9 per person

Register for the Evening Dance now... only $9 per person!


Mark your calendar, and plan to attend our next evening dance.   The cost of the dance is $9 per person.   The location for this dance is the German Canadian Club, 1696 Cary Road, Kelowna.   The doors open at 8:15pm, and we have a beginner East Coast Swing lesson happening at 8:30pm.  Join us!


A note for new dancers:

Want to practice all those great moves you learned in your lessons? Come out once per month for social dances, where you will find other dancers at varying levels doing the same....

You may feel intimidated or self-conscience as a new dancer trying out your steps, but keep in mind that you won't be at that level forever. It helps to remember just how far you've come... even in a four week lesson series, think of how far you've advanced in such a short amount of time! Remember, everyone started out at the beginning... even those that seem to make those steps look smooth and effortless. Making dance steps look easy takes time and practice, so don't avoid attending a social dance because you feel you're not "good enough" at the steps.

What if you can't quite remember that move you learned a few weeks past? Usually all it takes is a little reminder and a couple of helpful hints... Debra from Danceworx is always in attendance at the social dances, and would love to help with a quick review any time during the evening.


Social Dance Parties for 2014

 We have a very limited number of dances happening in Kelowna for 2014, so please be sure to make a note, and come on down for a visit and a dance!


(access from Hwy 97 across from Costco, or from Enterprise Road near Tim Horton's)


2014 Dance Dates:

April 12 - Discover Dance program during the day

Danceworx plays an extensive, up-to-date variety of music for all musical tastes. We offer Latin, Swing, Country, and Ballroom dances throughout the evening, and take requests! If you have a favorite song you'd like to hear, email artist and title of the song to, and we'll do our best to have it available for play at our next social dance. The evening begins with a beginner dance lesson, and then open dancing follows. 

Doors Open: 8:15pm

Beginner Lesson: 8:30-9:00pm

Dance to mixed music: 9:00-11:00pm

Cost: $9 per person (includes lesson); after 10:30pm, $5 per person (pricing excludes special events)


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