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It's All About Attitude


When all is said and done, your happiness in social dancing depends more on you than anyone else. If you are determined to have a good time, and have a good attitude, you have a good chance of enjoying your dancing experience.
The first ingredient of a good attitude is a good sense of humour. Take all that comes to you in stride. If a particular dance does not go well, if you misstep in a pattern or two, let it pass. You can do no better than your best. Be nice to other dancers, continue to improve on your dancing, and you will have a progressively more enjoyable dancing experience.
The key to enjoyment in dancing is awareness of your goal; to enjoy dancing. Enjoyment is contagious and cumulative. People like to be around individuals who enjoy themselves. Be one of those individuals. Be determined not to let small things spoil your evening of dance.
Active, outgoing personalities have an advantage in social dancing. Even if you are not naturally that way, try and cultivate a pro-active approach to your dancing. If you like a song and want to dance, don’t hesitate to go and ask someone. Make friends in the dancing community. You would be surprised how much a smile can do. There are virtually hundreds of dancers out there waiting to dance… all it takes is a little effort from you!
Ultimately nobody and nothing can make you happy or unhappy. Only you can make you happy. Dancing can help!!

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