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Dance FAQ's


Do I need to bring a partner?
Partners are not required. We rotate students in the class to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to dance with a partner. However, if you do have a partner, please bring them along.

Do you offer Private Lessons?
Yes. Private lessons are a useful tool for students to stay up-to-date with missed material as well as for working on individual styling and fine-tuning technique. For those of you who cannot commit to a regularly scheduled class, private lessons make it possible to learn at your own rate of progress. The introductory rate for a 1 hour private lesson is $50/hour per couple.
How much do classes cost?
Session fees vary, depending on length of class, and length of time the session runs.   Payment of cash or cheque can be made on the first day of class, 15 minutes prior to class start time. All of our classes and the costs are posted on our website under “Weekly Lessons”
Where can I go to buy shoes?
Two Left Feet, 5452 South Perimeter Way, Kelowna (250) 826-8734 (Chris Smith)
Dance Essentials, 8 - 1960 Springfield Road, Kelowna (250) 868-1417

What kind of shoes do I wear to class?
Ladies: A leather soled dress shoe with a small heel is preferred to ensure that your body weight is kept forward on the ball of your foot. However, flat shoes are acceptable. Rubber soled shoes are not recommended for dance.
Men: A lightweight leather soled dress shoe is preferred. Rubber soled shoes are not recommended for dance.
What type of clothes do I wear to class?
Dress comfortably and casual. Ladies, keep in mind that in many dances, your partner will be dancing with you in closed dance position, which will require his hand and arm near your underarm. Dress accordingly. You may want to wear layers, as you may start out feeling cool, but quickly warm up.
I just want to learn with my significant other, as “couple time”. 
If you want to learn with your partner for couple time or to prepare for a special occasion, we recommend signing up for private lessons! Here’s why: Dancing is social, intended to be enjoyed with a variety of partners, like mingling at a party. Most group classes are designed to support this, so rotating partners is required. Dancing with the same partner all class long actually makes you progress slower. Much slower...  Why?  Because you learn to compensate for the other person’s errors, then you both never learn to do the move properly. (This also sets up a situation where you may feel a little argumentative towards your partner… ) If you really, really just want to dance with your own partner… we won’t make you rotate… we just know it’s a great way to be a better dancer!
How long will it take me to learn to dance?
It varies from person to person. Typically it takes three to six months to get comfortable with a few dances.
My partner keeps telling me I'm not doing it right.
If it's your significant other, try taking a private lesson together, so the instructor can see who is making the mistake and correct it. Try to avoid "I told you so". If it's just a classmate, smile and say "I'm just doing the best I can", then ask the instructor to help you both out.
My significant other wants to learn now too - can we take lessons together?
Fabulous! Be sure to be very supportive and enthusiastic of their decision! Depending on your level, you may be able to take a beginner group class together - the review will be good for you. But if there is a drastic level difference, your best bet is private lessons - your partner can catch up to you more quickly.
What makes advanced dancers look so good?
Physics and comfort. The best dancers have found the most efficient way of moving their bodies. It's all about science. Because they are moving more efficiently, their movement is more ergonomic, more natural, easier to do, and they feel more comfortable. How do they get that? Great instruction, feedback, and lots of practice...and in rare cases, natural talent. Be cautious with your admiration: some dancers look great to the untrained eye, but are an eyesore to trained dancers, or a sore shoulder to their partners.
Where can I get music to practice to?
Google “Dance music” on the internet! There’s lots of musical info for all dance types… You just have to look. You can also ask your instructor for suggestions as well.