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DJ Services


DJ Services
Danceworx also provides DJ services. We have a wide selection of music, as well as sound and lighting equipment that will cater to a variety of events, such as weddings, corporate parties, private functions and promotions.    
Each event is quoted on an individual basis, and will vary based on requirements. Our highly competitive rates and exceptional service set us apart from the crowd. Call for your quote today!
Add Ons:
Dance Instruction at your event: Are you wanting to get your group up on the dance floor during your event? Our professional dance instructors will get them moving in no time! We can teach a variety of dances, both for singles (line dancing… to any style of music you like) and couples (Salsa and Jive are two of the easiest dances to learn, and incorporate up-tempo music to keep the energy going!)  Special rate for those booking Dance Instruction along with our DJ services.
Wedding Packages: You’ve got your Big Day planned, and the music for your first dance picked, but not sure how to dance to it? We can help! Give us a call to find out how we can make you shine on the dance floor. We have private lessons available, and would be happy to help make your dance extra special. We can also design a package plan for you and your wedding party with a semi-private dance package.  Special rates for those booking a Wedding Package along with our DJ services.

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