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Discover Dance Program

Discover Dance is a program held three times per year to help new dancers sample the types of dances that they may want to try out before committing to longer sessions.


Who would benefit from the Discover Dance Program?

- Those who have never danced before, and have no idea where to start

- Those who believe they may have been born with two left feet

- Those who have taken a few classes, but haven't practiced, and would love a refresher

- Those who have know a couple of dances pretty well, and are ready to try another dance style

and especially....

- Those whose partner has dragged them, kicking and screaming, into trying dancing!!


The Discover Dance Program gives you a chance to jump in and sample some different dance styles... you can choose to try all the dances during the day, or pick one or two that you think you might like. For a brief description of the dances offered, check out our "Dance Styles" tab.

How it works: We run three 45-minute classes during the day. Within each class, we teach the basic rhythm of a different dance, and a cool move or two. We give you practice time at the end of each class, where you can try the moves, and get help from instructors if you need it. 

Discover Dance is a program which gives novice dancers like you a chance to try out a few different dance styles before committing to a full dance session. This way, there is a higher chance that you'll end up signing up for a dance class that you love, rather than getting part way through and realizing that it's just not the dance for you.

Lastly, remember that you'll be with other people just like yourselves... new to dance, maybe nervous about getting started... it's always a little more difficult when you don't know quite what to expect. Even those suave Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers types started from the same place where you are now... at the beginning!! Discover Dance is a non-threatening environment, designed to put you at ease, and help you take the first step towards what could become a lifetime love of dance!

 Discover Dance, November 28mber 15, 2012            


What people are saying about Discover Dance:

- "Excellent instruction and value.  Can't wait to do it again!"

- "Danceworx is an enjoyable, stress free learn-to-dance experience.  We met new people and had loads of fun!"  Paul and Sharon

- "We will definitely go back for more lessons and to learn different dances.  They have generated a great ambience or culture, if you wish to use that word.  I am completely uncoordinated, yet they make me feel comfortable, free from stress, and so does the group, so I am better able to learn.  Fabulous."

- "Fantastic professionally run Discover Dance program.  Lots of fun, and Debra is wonderful and helpful.  We will be using their business into the future."

- "It was a wonderful experience!  Debra has just the perfect personality to host this function.  It was fun and welcoming.  There was nothing intimidating about the experience and I loved how casual it was and the wide range of people that attended.  I would highly recommend it!"

Come and see for yourself!....  

We are holding our next Discover Dance on November 28, 2015 from 11:30AM - 2:30PM at the German Canadian Club.  To register for the next Discover Dance, find the Paypal link at the top of our Home page.  The cost for this entire day of dance is $75 per couple if you pre-register, or $100 at the door.  If you want to take single classes, the cost is $15/class per person. 

November 28, 2015 Schedule for Discover Dance 

LOCATION:  German Canadian Harmonie Club, 1696 Cary Road, Kelowna


11:30am - Beginner Single Count Jive (no experience required) 

12:30pm - Beginner 2-Step (no experience required) 

1:30pm - Beginner Cha Cha (no experience required) 

3:00pm - Intermediate 2-Step (must have solid basics) 

4:00pm - Intermediate West Coast Swing (must have solid basics) 

5:00pm - Intermediate Cha Cha (must have solid basics)

6:30pm Private Lesson (contact to book) 

7:30pm Private Lesson (contact to book) 

8:30pm Private Lesson (contact to book)