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Jun 29, 2012

Two Step Tonight at the OK Corral

Join us at the OK Corral for a fun, no-pressure beginner Two Step class!

If you've never danced, now's your chance to give it a try!  The classes at the OK Corral are informal, social classes designed to make you feel at ease.  These Friday night sessions are always drop-in, meaning you can attend on a "attend when you can" basis.  We always cover the basic foot pattern, then add a move or two at the end to spice it up.  Oh, and one more piece of good news... The classes are only $5 per person!  As an added bonus, when you register and pay, you receive a $5 voucher to use towards beverages at the bar!

The doors at the OK Corral (located at 1978 Kirschner Road) open at 8pm, and the lesson gets under way at 8:15pm... See you there!!

Our schedule is as follows:

June 2012 - Two Step

July 2012 - Nite Club (which is done to slower ballads...) There will be no class on Friday, July 6th

August 2012 - Two Step (There will be no class on Friday, August 3rd)

September 2012 - Cha Cha

October 2012 - Two Step

November 2012 - East Coast Swing (this is an easy-to-learn triple count swing)

December 2012 - Two Step

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